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Welcome to The Square Dance Radio Network.  Our Mission is to promote and preserve Modern Western Square Dancing through the sharing of entertaining and educational radio programming.  We hope you enjoy your time with us.
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There's been some hoopla lately about PayPal.  If you'd prefer to donate another way, feel free to contact us on the contact page and we'll let you know other methods you can use to donate.  Thanks.


The March 21st episode of The DoSaDo Show continues our discussion with Roy and Betsy Gotta from NJ.  This is part 4.  Enjoy.

Still working on catching up.  The final (5th) part of Roy and Betsy's interview will go up as soon as possible.

We're in the middle of a job search and life is moving faster than we are.  After next week, we'll be taking a (hopefully brief) sabbatical from new episodes.  We hope to be back with new interviews and new characters by the middle of May.

Thank you to all our listeners.  We appreciate you all!!  Please spread the word and have your friends visit, listen and friend us on FaceBook. Thanks.

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Date: 3/21/2012
Guests: Roy and Betsy Gotta Part 4
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